This is where I log my virtual pet adventures, mostly.


Yessss... My beloved Drimogemon. Kunemon evolved into this absolute unit overnight! I almost don't want to do the 15 battle requirement to have him evolve. I wish the evo times weren't so quick, but I will cherish the 36 hours we have together.


Tokomon evolved into Kunemon overnight! The plan is in motion. Now the hard part begins. Honestly, the "bad care" Digimon are tougher to get in most cases. Actual bad care just results in a poopmon every time.


Finally, my V3-V5 COLORs have arrived! First thing I'm doing is booting up the V3 and getting my favourite back.

I'm a big fan of the COLORs, they've got a lot of QoL stuff in them that just makes things more fun. I do kind of wish that overfeeding and sleep disturbance weren't part of the growth mechanics though, they're not very intuitive so that means you're probably not going to get a lot of the different adults without knowing what the requirements are in advance. Still, they were part of the originals, so not much to be done there!

Anyway, despite the insane growth rate on the modern pets, I started up the V3 in the evening, so just Poyomon evolving to Tokomon for today.


For once, I've actually got no virtual pets on the go. This is mostly because I have a few coming from Japan that I'm patiently waiting for, and I don't want to burn myself out before they get here. The temptation is high for me to just boot up the Nightmare Soldiers Z though, hang out with my precious Ghosmon for a day.

I also really want to get back into resin casting. I managed to make some good strides on custom shells for my V pets a few years ago but wasn't able to finish the project for various reasons. One day I'll pick it back up...